Snooze Clues Newborn Survival Call & Call Bundles

Getting your newborn on track fast with infant feeding & sleeping advice, resources, and structure.

I’ve seen it all - from stubborn sleepers to finicky eaters, and I’m here to equip you with the knowledge and tools to create a happy, thriving family. ‍‍‍

I debunk Google’s “best advice” and why your mom’s tips haven’t been working and instead provide custom answers tailored to your baby’s specific needs. 

I do this by taking my expertise and developing a tailored Sleep Maximizer Game Plan so your baby is happy and you get your sleep back too! 

Here at Snooze Clues, it’s all about your family

On the survival calls…

My goal is to provide you and your family with the information and block out the generic opinions so that you can focus on what matters most–your family!

Think of me like your new best friend who is an expert on all things baby and is here to support your family!

Ready to jump on a call with me and get the answers you need?

Snooze Clues Newborn Survival Topics

Newborns can be so tricky - managing their feeding & sleeping schedule can make you completely overwhelmed and wiped out. But that’s what survival calls can help with! 

I provide infant feeding & sleeping schedules tailored to your child. As well as some much needed emotional support. 

How often do I have to feed?

How do I know if my baby is taking enough?

When will they sleep through the night?

Why do I have to swaddle?

When should I offer a bottle?

Is it normal to feel overwhelmed?

Am I doing a good job?

How do I eliminate night feeds?

Will I ever sleep again?

Why will my baby only sleep on me?

Why are they up all night?

When should I put them to bed?

How can I get my baby to nap?

Should I wake them up to feed? 

Are these questions keeping you up at night? I get it! It’s time to book a survival call with me ASAP.

no. 1

Single Survival Call

Book a single survival call and get help fast - give me the nitty gritty details of what you’re dealing with so I can have you setup with a sleep & feeding plan that will work!

This is your saving grace if you’re:
  • Losing sleep trying to get your newborn on a good sleeping schedule
  • Struggling with overwhelm and exhaustion
  • Having trouble keeping a consistent feeding schedule
  • Feeling like you’re not doing everything right

In just one survival call, you’ll get:
  • 60-minute personalized feeding and sleep crash course call
  • The Sleep Maximizer Game Plan: Custom 15-page PDF with personalized solutions for your baby and what your family needs to get on track to great sleep. Includes infant sleep cycle basics, personalized schedules, and a strategic plan for improving your child’s sleep fast.
  • Practical tips for easy and immediate implementation

Price: $399

60-minute private coaching call

The Sleep Maximizer Game Plan

Infant sleep cycle basics

Personalized family schedules

Practical implementation tips
no. 2

Call Bundles

Want to schedule a bundle of calls so you can check-in with me over time and make sure you’re on the right track? Feel reassured over time with call bundles!

You need the bundles if you’re:
  • Struggling with everything from above ☝️
  • Want consistent check-ins and support
  • Need help adjusting your feeding & sleeping patterns 
  • Want someone to help you stay on track towards a better routine

With the call bundles, you’ll get:
  • Initial 60-minute Sleep Survival Call (and everything included above)
  • 3 or 5 follow-up coaching calls
  • Week-by-week expectations

Get consistent life-changing help with my call bundles. Don’t wait until you’re exhausted, get a plan in place on the road to a happy newborn life now!

3 calls: $950

6 calls: $1,200

Sleep Survival Call

Private follow-up coaching calls

On-going support

Sleep Maximizer Game Plan

Week by week expectations

Hear from happy, finally sleeping parents

“Talking with Kristen is like talking to a friend who understands exactly what you are going through. She meets you where you are and finds a solution that you are comfortable with."

– Lindsay

“Kristen is approachable, kind, funny and truly wants to help you and your baby sleep! For anyone who is sleep-deprived and needs help weighing what’s the best." course of action for your family

– Erin

“Kristen is very personable and I felt comfortable with her from our first call. She listened to my concerns and was able to address them all. I enjoyed how frequently she checked in"

– Hannah

Snooze Clues Founder & Coach Kristen

When I became a Mom, I was overwhelmed with all of the information, courses and opinions. I was regularly doubting my ability to be the best Mom I could be. I knew there must be a better way. I started on this journey to empower and help other parents be the best version of themselves and feel confident in the decisions they make for their families. Now as a certified pediatric sleep consultant, a certified lactation consultant, and a newborn care specialist, I give families the resources and support they need to thrive during the newborn period.

Ready to work with me? 

Let me help you go from confused to confident with your newborn.

I know you’ve got limited time and patience

Well… because the reality is, generic answers won’t solve your problems. They’re not geared toward YOUR baby’s specific needs. They are addressing general problems and dolling out generic advice and your baby is unique.

That’s why you need personalized advice from an expert.

Why not just listen to a couple of baby sleep podcasts, google your questions, or grab a book about baby sleep techniques?

Now you can have answers to all your questions tailored to your child’s specific needs. 

I'm a certified pediatric sleep consultant, a certified lactation consultant, and a newborn care specialist. When you jump on a call with me you'll receive specific answers to aid in exactly what your child needs.

I promise I'll provide you with a personalized feeding and sleep schedule that’s reliable - giving you back time, energy, and your own precious uninterrupted sleep! 

Book a 1:1 sleep roadmap call to chat about what's troubling you and get a customized recommendation for your family.

Still not sure?

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m nervous about booking a coach - I could use the help but does that make me a bad parent?

I’ve been where you are - parenting especially with newborns can be SO hard. You are doing an amazing job already!! And it’s okay to ask for help! By booking a certified coach you’re just taking the next step towards implementing some strategies that will make parenting even easier & better (especially by helping you get your sleep back!) You got this!

Do you guarantee that my baby will be sleeping through the night after working with Kristen?

There is no guarantee that your baby will be sleeping through the night after working with Kristen. But we do guarantee that you will see an improvement in your baby’s sleep and have a strong foundation for your baby to sleep through the night as soon as developmentally appropriate.

I’m pregnant, can I still book Kristen for when my baby is born?

Yes you absolutely can! Kristen actually books out pretty fast so booking her in advance while you’re pregnant is a great idea.

How is working with Kristen different from buying an online course?

Working with Kristen guarantees that you’ll never have to ask yourself “Am I doing this right?!” Her high-touch support packages both coach and encourage you every step of the way. You get personalized coaching 1:1 with Kristen so you can have a best friend supporting you and your newborn.

My child isn’t a newborn anymore. Are there any options for me to work with Kristen?

Although Kristen’s services are tailored primarily towards newborns, the survival calls and call bundles can be used for older children. To learn more, click here. 

Do you offer payment plans?

We realize that working with Kristen is an investment, payment plans are available upon request. 

I’ve been told that you shouldn’t/can’t sleep train a newborn. How will Kristen help?

Working with Kristen is the opposite of sleep training your baby. Kristen’s plan for every family includes a personalized roadmap to help set your baby up with healthy sleep habits that have your baby sleeping through the night as soon as developmentally appropriate thus, completely eliminating the need to ever actually “sleep train”.