The Snooze Clues Solution

Setting your family up for success with a plan to confidently navigate the 4th trimester

Welcoming a new addition to the family should be joyful, not stressful. Apply while you’re pregnant or once your baby is born, to set your newborn period up for success.

Imagine a newborn that loves to sleep…

With my exclusive coaching program…

But if you work with a coach who’s a certified pediatric sleep consultant & certified lactation counselor from day one, it’s absolutely possible.

You can…
  • Have a reliable and consistent schedule
  • Be in sync with your baby’s needs
  • Get uninterrupted sleep
  • Have spare energy to spend how you want to

Sounds unlikely right? 

The Snooze Clues Solution

The only online newborn feeding & sleeping program with a certified pediatric pro, working 1:1 with you to unlock the secrets to sweeter dreams and happier days for both parents & babies. 

You’ve heard the tales and it freaks you out…

I know these thoughts mamas, I had the same ones when I was pregnant. 

"Do I have to swaddle?"

"When should I feed my baby?"

"Should my baby sleep in a bassinet?"

"Is breastfeeding really best?"

I deeply understand the frustration that comes with less than specific Google search results. Books that insight more anxiety than reassurance. Mom and mother-in-laws who mean well but their hovering only makes you want to ‘get this over with’. 

You’re safe with me. You can tell me your deepest fears as well as what’s on your mind. I have the expertise, knowledge and resources to help you.

Let me be your new best friend who walks through this newborn journey with you, supporting you every step of the way.

I work with you and your newborn to create custom solutions for your baby’s specific needs. 

I use my expertise to develop a tailored: 
  • Newborn Sleeping
  • Feeding Playbook
  • Newborn Schedule Toolkit
  • Week-by-Week Baby Expectations Guide

So your baby is happy and you get your sleep back too! 

I’m your personal hype girl, your biggest fan, and your endless resource. I’ll be cheering you on so that you feel confident that you can handle anything & everything when it comes to your newborn whether they are still in your womb or you are currently snuggling them soaking up that fresh baby smell.

Tangible and tailored solutions for your baby’s needs are insight…all before they are even born. 

Doubtful? Here’s how

Your newborn coaching package to set the 4th trimester up for success

Everything included in The Snooze Clues Solution

Personal access to a newborn pro who is your new best friend AND an expert in all things baby. No need to worry - I've GOT you! I will create a personalized roadmap for sleeping and feeding and help you every step of the way. Ready for sleep-filled nights and happy consistent newborn days? Here’s what’s included:

Bi-Weekly Private Coaching Calls

Meet directly with me - your cheerleader, coach, and best friend on this journey with you to great sleep for you and your newborn and a happy, reliable schedule! I've got you every step of the way

Unlimited messaging access

Got a question? You'll have direct access to me to answer all your newborn questions. No more late-night googling - sleep soundly knowing whatever questions pop up you can ask me first thing in the am. A newborn pro who ALSO knows your baby? IDEAL!

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions 

Jump into high-touch, small group coaching sessions!

Meet other moms who are in the same boat as you with their newborns. Share stories, struggles, and laughs knowing you’re not alone with what you’re feeling and experiencing with this supportive group of newborn parents. 

Ask your questions and get solutions directly from an expert. You might even make some new supportive newborn mom friends!


Unlimited Sleep/ Feeding Log Tracking and Monitoring

Stay on track with a sleep and feeding log that is highly monitored. Log your daily feeds, naps, and overnight sleep an receive personalized day-to-day advice from me


Newborn Feeding And Sleep Playbook

20 page PDF that will walk you through everything you need to know about your newborns feeding and sleep patterns in the first few weeks.


Newborn Schedule Toolkit

Optimize your baby’s schedule so that it works perfectly for them - and you!


Baby Expectations Guide

Week-by-Week Expectations delivered directly to your inbox


Access to my Vault of Baby Secrets which includes: 

  • Comprehensive Video Course: How to set your newborn up for sleep success
  • My proven 7-step system to have your baby sleeping 12 hours overnight as soon as developmentally appropriate
  • Nap Guides
  • Beginners Guide to Breastfeeding
  • Bottle Feeding Guide
  • Exclusive Pumping Guide
  • Guide to Weaning with Ease


Ready to have a roadmap to thrive during the newborn months?

But don’t wait - spots are limited because this is such a personalized coaching program with a newborn pro. I only have 2 open spots a month!

Hear from happy newborn parents

"I’m so happy we invested in working with her! Being new parents is already challenging enough, so having someone who helped us establish a healthy sleep routine made a huge difference in our lives."

– Leah

"My husband and I worked with Kristen from the very beginning to set a solid sleep foundation for our newborn. Working with her was the best decision we did for our family as first-time parents!"

– Jenny

"Having a structured plan and guidance on implementing that plan has been a game changer for our sleep. It challenging days feel more manageable because we have steps to follow."

– Kelsey

Newborns can be so tricky - managing their feeding & sleeping schedules without help can make you completely overwhelmed and wiped out. But that’s what this personalized newborn coaching is for! 

Together we’ll create a plan that adjusts as we go - including feeding & sleeping schedules tailored to your child. As well as some much-needed emotional support ❣️ 

The Snooze Clues Solution Foundations

Feeding can feel overwhelming at first - Wondering if your baby is getting enough milk and questioning bottle vs. breastfeeding. That’s why I’ve created feeding schedules and best practices that can help all parents, whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or both.

Newborn sleeping can be so tricky to figure out! I have created a list of checks and schedules to make sure you’re following the right path to get the most sleep! (For your newborn and yourself!)

I’m there for you every step of the way during your newborn journey - you don’t have to do this alone! I’ll give you the resources and support to feel confident in your newborn parenting.

I get it! Keeping your newborn on track with happy feeding and sleeping schedules can be overwhelming. 

Let’s set your newborn period up for success with newborn coaching!

Do these topics feel overwhelming?

no. 1

The Snooze Clues Solution

That’s $300 a week–AKA the total of that 3am Amazon splurge 😉–for the same price, you can get the tools to be a great newborn parent without losing YOU! 
  • Have unlimited access to an expert
  • Be in sync with your baby’s needs
  • Have a reliable and consistent schedule
  • Get uninterrupted sleep
  • Spare energy to spend how you want to
  • Have confidence in your decision-making

4 months of support: $4,999*

But apply early - spots are limited!

Since this is such a high-touch, personalized experience, I can only accommodate two new clients per month.

The best part? 

Extend support by one month at a time beyond 4 months. $500 deposit required to secure a spot (applied towards final cost).
*Payment plans available upon request

Snooze Clues Founder & Coach Kristen

When I became a Mom, I was overwhelmed with all of the information, courses and opinions. I was regularly doubting my ability to be the best Mom I could be. I knew there must be a better way. I started on this journey to empower and help other parents be the best version of themselves and feel confident in the decisions they make for their families. Now as a certified pediatric sleep consultant, a certified lactation consultant, and a newborn care specialist, I give families the resources and support they need to thrive during the newborn period.

I remember those first few months with a newborn - the endless crying, the conflicting advice, the desperate Googling at 3am. I just wanted to give my baby the best, but all I could hear were ‘shoulds’ and ‘have-tos’. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find a happy schedule for your baby and get your sleep - and that’s what I’m here for.

Don’t play the “maybe” game

As in maybe our newborn period won’t be that bad, maybe they’ll sleep and feed just fine, maybe we won’t need a coach. 

Don’t rely on “maybes”–set yourself up for success before you even start with Snooze Clues. 

You’ll have support and a plan so that you never need to google frantic questions late at night or wonder if you’re doing everything right.

You can feel confident and secure in every step of the newborn process and even have a baby who sleeps through the night as soon as they are developmentally ready, without the need to sleep train! 

But apply early - spots are limited because this is such a personalized high-touch program with an expert coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m nervous about booking a coach - I could use the help but does that make me a bad parent?

I’ve been where you are - parenting especially with newborns can be SO hard. You are doing an amazing job already!! And it’s okay to ask for help! By booking a certified coach you’re just taking the next step towards implementing some strategies that will make parenting even easier & better (especially by helping you get your sleep back!) You got this!

Do you guarantee that my baby will be sleeping through the night after working with Kristen?

There is no guarantee that your baby will be sleeping through the night after working with Kristen. But we do guarantee that you will see an improvement in your baby’s sleep and have a strong foundation for your baby to sleep through the night as soon as developmentally appropriate.

I’m pregnant, can I still book Kristen for when my baby is born?

Yes you absolutely can! Kristen actually books out pretty fast so booking her in advance while you’re pregnant is a great idea.

How is working with Kristen different from buying an online course?

Working with Kristen guarantees that you’ll never have to ask yourself “Am I doing this right?!” Her high-touch support packages both coach and encourage you every step of the way. You get personalized coaching 1:1 with Kristen so you can have a best friend supporting you and your newborn.

My child isn’t a newborn anymore. Are there any options for me to work with Kristen?

Although Kristen’s services are tailored primarily towards newborns, the survival calls and call bundles can be used for older children. To learn more, click here. 

Do you offer payment plans?

We realize that working with Kristen is an investment, payment plans are available upon request. 

I’ve been told that you shouldn’t/can’t sleep train a newborn. How will Kristen help?

Working with Kristen is the opposite of sleep training your baby. Kristen’s plan for every family includes a personalized roadmap to help set your baby up with healthy sleep habits that have your baby sleeping through the night as soon as developmentally appropriate thus, completely eliminating the need to ever actually “sleep train”.

Book a 1:1 sleep roadmap call to chat about what's troubling you and get a customized recommendation for your family.

Still not sure?