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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been where you are - parenting especially with newborns can be SO hard. You are doing an amazing job already!! And it’s okay to ask for help! By booking a certified coach you’re just taking the next step towards implementing some strategies that will make parenting even easier & better (especially by helping you get your sleep back!) You got this!

Yes you absolutely can! Kristen actually books out pretty fast so booking her in advance while you’re pregnant is a great idea.

There is no guarantee that your baby will be sleeping through the night after working with Kristen. But we do guarantee that you will see an improvement in your baby’s sleep and have a strong foundation for your baby to sleep through the night as soon as developmentally appropriate.

Working with Kristen guarantees that you’ll never have to ask yourself “Am I doing this right?!” Her high-touch support packages both coach and encourage you every step of the way. You get personalized coaching 1:1 with Kristen so you can have a best friend supporting you and your newborn.

Although Kristen’s services are tailored primarily towards newborns, the survival calls and call bundles can be used for older children. To learn more, click here. 

We realize that working with Kristen is an investment, payment plans are available upon request. 

Working with Kristen is the opposite of sleep training your baby. Kristen’s plan for every family includes a personalized roadmap to help set your baby up with healthy sleep habits that have your baby sleeping through the night as soon as developmentally appropriate thus, completely eliminating the need to ever actually “sleep train”.