The SNOO Bassinet: A Sleep Consultant’s Honest Review

As a certified pediatric sleep consultant, a certified lactation consultant, and a newborn care specialist, I give families the resources and support they need to thrive during the newborn period.

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The SNOO bassinet is one of the most popular registry items and go-to sleep solutions for expecting parents. But, is this fancy bassinet really worth the hype…or the price tag? In this post, I’m breaking down the pros and cons of the SNOO bassinet and giving my honest opinion (as a Mom and a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant) on if it’s something worth investing in

I’ll start by saying that I am an extremely basic person. I don’t mean that in the pumpkin spice latte kind of way, I mean it in its literal sense. I keep things in my life pretty basic. Some may even call it boring. My house is various shades of grey, my furniture is all some version of tan, and my clothes generally fall into two categories: dark solids or light solids.

I’m also not the biggest fan of technology – I still use pen and paper to make my to do lists and I still do most of my shopping at a store (I know…). For me, jotting something down on a piece of paper is a lot easier than breaking out my phone, opening an app and typing something out.

Simple. That’s the way I like things. So, I was not at all surprised at my decision to skip the fancy bassinet options, like the SNOO bassinet, that exist on the market these days and select your most simple bassinet offering- the chicco LullaGo, to be exact.

As a sleep consultant, people ask me for product recommendations all of the time. I can’t even count the number of questions and DMs I receive specifically about the SNOO bassinet. There are many sleep consults out there that flat out discourage the use of the SNOO bassinet, in fact sleep consultants are probably responsible for 90% of all SNOO bassinet returns. I am not that sleep consultant. My entire business is run based on the principle of making you feel the most comfortable and confident in your parenting journey. I believe that the SNOO bassinet has a place in the whirlwind of newborn life. Read on to learn more and hear my honest thoughts on this product.


If you’ve never heard about the SNOO bassinet, allow me to quickly bring you up to speed. It is a very high-tech bassinet that was created by Dr. Harvey Karp (author of Happiest Baby On The Block). The SNOO bassinet is designed to auto-respond to your baby’s cries, using sound and motion, to help calm your baby and assist them drifting back off to sleep.

The SNOO bassinet comes equipped with a patent pending SNOO sack. This sack utilizes an inner arm band and a zipper swaddle to keep baby comfortably swaddled all night long. The SNOO sack also clips into the bassinet, keeping baby on their back, and preventing them from moving themselves into an unsafe sleep situation, like rolling onto their belly. 

This top-of-the-line bassinet retails for $1,595. You also have the option to rent the SNOO bassinet for $159/ month with a 1-2 month minimum. Renting will also require a $90 cleaning fee, a $99 deposit and a $60 shipping charge (to send it back).


The SNOO bassinet can be a great option for tired newborn parents. When you are sleep deprived, getting an extra hour of sleep can feel like a huge victory, not to mention necessary.

So, does the product work? Yes, yes it does! By helping your baby connect their sleep cycles, you likely will get longer stretches of sleep unless your baby actually needs something, like a feed or a diaper change. The unfortunate thing is that the rocking becomes a crutch that your baby begins to rely on in order to fall asleep.

During the first few weeks of life, this doesn’t matter so much. You are in survival mode, and I am the first to tell you that [mostly] anything goes. But it doesn’t take long for your little one to wise up and realize that they are depending on this feature to sleep. Which means that without it, they won’t sleep.

The SNOO website recommends waiting until 5/6 months to transition your baby out of the SNOO bassinet into their crib, “even if your baby’s toes touch the bottom of the bed.” Personally, I don’t think you’ll get 6 months of use out of the SNOO (or any bassinet) for one or two reasons.

  1. Generally, 6 month old babies are too big for bassinets
  2. Most babies at 6 months can (and want to) roll around, which isn’t possible in a bassinet 


Ok, so what is MY opinion on the SNOO bassinet? Personally, I am not a fan. I don’t like the SNOO bassinet simply because it isn’t a good value. You are investing a lot of money into something that you really shouldn’t use (with all of its features) for more than a few weeks. Does this mean you need call customer service and see if you can return your SNOO bassinet soon as possible? No, absolutely not!

I’ve worked with plenty of families who are using or have used the SNOO bassinet. When I work with my newborn families, we utilize the SNOO bassinet, even all of its fancy features, for a few weeks, but I make it very clear that it isn’t going to be around forever. The SNOO bassinet is most beneficial when used for the first 5-6 weeks of baby’s life. At the 5/6 week mark, I typically instruct parents to begin using the bassinet’s weaning feature at night. By 8 weeks, it’s ideally turned off at night and by 12 weeks, you aren’t using the motion for naps either.

When infant families come to me still using the SNOO bassinet, it is pretty much the first thing I get rid of. I give them the option to use the SNOO’s wean mode for a few days or cold turkey switch to the crib/ unplug the SNOO. You generally will not see improvement in your child’s sleep until you get rid of the sleep crutches.

Personally, I recommend paying very little for a standard bassinet and investing in a something or someone who can help set you up for sleep success and get you through the hard times with good habits alone!

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